Registered Email

The world around us is increasingly digitising. To keep up with developments, your organisation must keep moving forward and Neopost can help you with this challenge. With Registered Email you can securely send important documents digitally and securely through your existing platforms.

Why Registered Email?

With Registered Email printing, signing and then carrying your registered letters to the Post Office becomes a thing of the past. Now you can send important documents at the click of a mouse. It’s even possible to integrate the service in to your existing processes, such as sending invoices, policies and many other types of documentation. Registered Email is an efficiency boost that saves you money immediately. You don’t have to be sending much registered post Registered Email works for any kind of document you want to send quickly and securely.

Data security is of utmost importance, especially now with the implementation of GDPR guidelines. Registered Email’s ISO27001 certificate shows that we take this issue seriously. In addition, all data is stored in the EU and we undergo pen tests several times a year. More information is available on the security page.

Sending an important document by email means the correspondence can only be received and accepted by the intended recipient and nobody else.

Registered Email offers enhanced proof of delivery in accordance with the EU eIDAS 910/2014 regulation. Through an independent third party, it can be determined who is communicating with whom and at what time. This is important, especially when dealing with conflict. By registering receipt and acceptance, you can prove that you have made every effort to send a document to a recipient.

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